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We truly are an insurance agency with you in mind.
At Texas State Insurance we take the time to learn about you and your needs and make sure what is important to you is covered with the best policy at the best rate.



We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

We really do have you covered!

Call or come in to our office soon and learn what makes us different. We care about getting to know you and learning how we can best serve your needs. 

We look forward to taking the time to explain all of your options, insurance needs, and what each policy can do for you.

No matter your situation, we work hard to make sure that you and your family are protected. 

Our Mission

Our aim isn’t just to build a business, but to build relationships. We exist to make sure that the things that are the most important to you are well protected.  Our customers can rest easy knowing that Texas has them Covered.

Our Vision

Make sure that no one is left underinsured or unprotected no matter what life brings, but to ensure our clients get the best coverage with the best price.

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Don’t just get any insurance, trust the best with your best. Contact us today to see how Texas has you Covered!

What We Offer

We aren’t your typical instance agency. Our goal isn’t just to sell you a policy and forget your name.  We want to know you and your situation to get you the very best coverage. Texas State Insurance has you covered because we truly care! 

20+ Years Experience

Experience matters.
We not only care, we have the knowledge to get you exactly what you need when you need it.  No matter what happens, we have the experience to help you through it and get you covered.

Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service goes beyond just a smile. We really do stop to care about you and your needs. You are not just a policy and a number. We can’t wait to serve you and your needs!

Customized Policies

Every person has unique coverage needs. We take the time to look at everything you have and customize policies to fit your exact situation. No person is cookie cutter, your insurance shouldn’t be either.

Low Rates & Best Quality

We aim to get you the coverage that you need with a price that makes sense. The best doesn’t have to be a fortune. We compare multiple companies to get you the very best rates with the highest quality. 

Our Team

Our team is ready to serve you and make sure you are well covered!
For all of your insurance needs, contact us today! 

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With Texas State Insurance,

you can be confident that you and your family are covered!

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